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If you are interested in employment at The Signal Group - an equal opportunity employer, you can access all the information you need from this page. Below you will find a blue button to link you to our most current employment opportunities which are posted on our blog site, Also, in the application download center you will find several red buttons which will allow you to download the employment application as well as the EEO Form and the MVR Check Request. Download, print, mail, fax or present it at our corporate office.

Note: Applicants must complete the application in full. Failure to complete the entire application may be cause for disqualification. A resume may be attached to provide additional information but does not take the place of completing the application form. A complete and accurate application is essential since this is the primary source used for determining your qualifications. Be sure to complete the application question "Position(s) Applying For"; applications with this field left blank or with responses such as "open" or "anything" will be rejected.

Along with the Application, please assist us by viewing the optional EEO Form as well. While applicants are not required to complete this form, we are required to submit such data due to government regulations. Please send this EEO Form along with your application if you are volunteering to submit this information. Also, an MVR Form is available for download below for positions requiring the need to drive company vehicles.


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Job Descriptions

Below you will find job descriptions for many positions common to our industry. These are provided for your reference. We are NOT be hiring for all these positions currently, but we may have openings in the future. For a list of current employment opportunities, click here.

Laborer, Unskilled

Performs tasks involving physical abilities, which require little or no specialized skill or previous work experience. The following are typical of laborers duties: loads and unloads supplies and materials, moves supplies and materials to point of use on jobsite, cleans up refuse on jobsite, uses shovel, pick, rake, etc. to dig, fill and level ground, and cleans items such as steel for use on the project. Laborers' duties are many and varied, but are generally those that do not require skill, experience, or the exercise of judgment.

Traffic Signalization Installer (TSI)

Usually under the direction of the Traffic Signalization Mechanic, involved in the erection of poles, span wire, control cables, signal heads, loops, conduit, services, controllers, wiring, and all related parts.

Traffic Signalization Mechanic (TSM)

Lays out traffic signal system from plans, directs Traffic Signalization Installer, and may be involved in the installation of all traffic signalization materials.


Performs a variety of electrical trade functions such as installation, maintenance, and repair for the generation, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy. Generally plans and executes the layout of electrical conduit, wiring systems, switch-panels, circuit breakers, controllers, and other electrical transmission equipment. Utilizes a variety of electrical hand tools and measuring and testing devices.

Sign Erector

Constructs sign foundations, erects posts and structures, and attaches sign panels to posts.

Traffic Control Specialist

Primary duties include the setting of temporary traffic control devices, usually under the supervision of the Worksite Traffic Supervisor. Ensures lane closures etc. are set up and maintained properly.


Assembles, disassembles, sets up, diagnoses, adjusts, and maintains construction equipment on the project. May weld parts or steel to repair equipment.

Backhoe Operator

Operates a machine which usually has a front bucket and a rear-mounted power shovel, on which the dipper is pulled toward the machine to dig.

Boom // Auger Truck Operator

Operates a truck-mounted utility-type boom to erect signs, auger holes, stand posts and structures, set poles, and other similar operations.

Boring Machine Operator

Operates a machine which bores horizontally under roadways, etc. to make way for pipe, cable, etc. Directional boring machines are used more and more recently, since excavation can take place without disturbing the roadway.

Crane // Derrick // Dragline Operator

General term applied to a worker who operates a crane, dragline, etc. to hoist and move materials, raise and lower heavy weights, and perform other related operations. Uses drag bucket, clamshell, orange-peel, and other related attachments.

Front-End Loader Operator

Operates a crawler or rubber tired type tractor with a front-mounted scoop bucket. Moves levers to raise and lower bucket and dump contents of bucket. Machine is used to load trucks, etc. and move materials on the job site.

Drilling Machine Operator

Sets up and operates drilling machine that drills holes through concrete, rock, etc. Levels machine by placing timbers under wheels. Insets and fastens drill steel in chuck. Adjusts angle of drill tower and bolts it in position. Controls drilling by moving levers.

Forklift Operator

Operates a machine most commonly used to lift and transport pallets of sod. Moves levers on the machine to lift, transport, and place materials on the project.

Trenching Machine Operator

Operates a power driven machine that digs trenches for sewer, water, drainage, oil, and gas lines. Machine is usually mounted on crawler treads with the digging equipment consisting of an endless chain of edge buckets that excavate and deposit the material on a conveyor belt, which in turn discharges the material at the side of the trench.

Truck Drivers (Single or Multi-Rear Axle)

Drives a light or heavy duty truck used in hauling materials. The truck may be tandem rear-axle type, single rear-axle type, or a tractor truck pulling a semi-trailer or trailer. May have various types of beds attached, such as, dump, flat bed, tank, etc.